'Larry' the Lizard

'Larry' the Lizard

So you think you can climb walls ?

Bet your not as good as Larry the Lizard :)

Larry is a custom OCRBear Gecko Lizard created using a T-Shirt or material you send us, and available in three different sizes.

  • Small size is approx. 38cm x 25 cm and requires only one t-shirt.
  • Medium size is approx. 49cm x 31 cm and requires only one t-shirt.
  • Large size is approx. 60cm x 40 cm and requires at least two t-shirts.

    You also have the option (+£2) to make you Larry magnetic so he will stick to anything metal .. including radiators / fridges / washing machines / cars etc ..

    The magnets we use are small but very powerful Niodime earth magnets ensuring that Larry's grip strength will never fail him.

    Make sure that when your ordering you set the Magnetic Option to 'Yes' if you would like him to have full fridge climbing capabilities.

    We hope you love Larry as much as we do <3