Hexabear Wrag Blanket

Hexabear Wrag Blanket

An amazing hexagonal 'Wrag' blanket is created from your unused OCR finisher Neck Wrags or children's clothing !! (or any images 17cm x 20cm in size)

We have a variety of sizes to choose from (see the image below) and each size states how many images it requires to create  (a wrag can provide a whopping 4 images)

Each blanket is fully backed with a soft polar fleece for that cosy feeling when used.

Upon checkout you will be notified of the address to send you items and you will be kept updated on the progress of your item through regular updates.

All UK postage has a Free option with MyHermes or you can choose another courier from the options for a small fee.

When choosing a design , choose the Row, then the size .. i.e. A32 

Each full hexagon is 15 cm x 18 cm in size (visible) and prices are £2.20 x hexagon count (so A32 for example would be A(32) x £2.20 = £70.40)