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'George' the OCR Giraffe

'George' the OCR Giraffe

'George' is a supersized Giraffe which is custom hand made using your own supplied T-shirts or fabric. Each one is entirely unique, has it's own character and sparkle as well as having its own two colour mane, tail and spots which is can be selected.

The Large Giraffe stands a whopping 82 cm tall while standing & requires 4 T-shirts (or equivalent material). (medium needs only 3 T-shirts)

Once purchased you will be be emailed details of where to forward your garments to be used for the creation process and how long the Giraffe is going to take to create.

We can create the Giraffe from virtually any material including cotton & tech-T and other stretchy varieties.

We are sure that these fantastic companions will bring back all of the amazing memories that you created when you completed your event.  

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